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Social Media Coordinator



About the Role

Preserving Hometown Experiences Music Fund is looking for a volunteer Social Media leader who can work both autonomously and collaboratively to grow engagement on several social media platforms through the creation and promotion of owned and curated content. We are looking for a self-starter who demonstrates a love for their craft and serves as a consultant on best practices to achieve organizational goals. The ideal candidate will have the ability to take appropriate action needed while always keeping brand centric focus as the primary motivation for all things related to social media.
Must be passionate about helping promote the mission of Preserving Hometown Experiences Music Fund.



  • Minimum 3-5 years of social media experience

  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Social Media, English, Communications, or Advertising

  • Ideal candidate is located in Phoenix, Arizona; majority of work will be conducted remotely

Content Marketing

  • Originates creative, engaging, and optimized content that adheres to brand guidelines.

  • Understands how to connect an audience to our organization and can develop content marketing strategies to grow reach.


  • Demonstrates attention to detail to quickly proof content for accuracy, spelling, grammar, brand voice, and marketability.

  • Edits content provided from other departments for promotion and understands how to adjust from copy to content marketing.


  • Prioritizes urgencies and follow-up according to current goals and organizational needs.

  • Monitors and responds to private messages that come in through various social mediums and engages appropriately and quickly to comments on public-facing pages.


  • Collaborates with marketing and communications teams on campaigns and initiates plans for general coverage needs.

  • Develops, maintains, and updates annual content calendar for social media accounts.

  • Provides coverage at a number of in-person events and/or develops mini strategies for post-event coverage while considering larger content schedule and engagement potential.


  • Tracks monthly social media metrics and benchmarks top-performing posts to recommend new tactics from data.

  • Monitors general performance and stays current on latest trends, updates, and platform-specific news.

  • Performs regular analysis on organization sentiment.

Ad Management

  • Designs strategies for paid social ads on multiple platforms.

  • Tracks and reports on performance and makes adjustments needed to achieve organizational goals.

About Our Organization

Preserving Hometown Experiences Music Fund was founded in late 2020 with a mission to support musicians and music-related initiatives for the public interest of sustaining local music. We believe that the strength and diversity of local music directly impacts the overall wellness of the community. We also recognize that musicians face a variety of challenges that can jeopardize their ability to provide music to the community including a lack of accessibility to music resources, music-related education, or support during a personal crisis. 

We are a dedicated group of people with a broad set of skills and talent who have undertaken the challenge to build an organization that will provide substantial long-term benefits to our community. As a young organization, we are building the foundation to deliver our mission, and with the support of our community through financial and volunteer assistance, we will be recognized as a model for charitable music growth and sustainability.

Our goal is simple: Remove barriers that prevent a musician from playing music or growing their musical career by providing the right resources at the right time.

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